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Karen also offers talks on the flute and flute playing to locally based clubs and societies.These begin with a history of the flute from the very earliest type of primitive instruments to the present day concert flute. Much of the history of the flute is centred around the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when the instrument underwent the majority of the changes to its appearance.

Mention is also made of the transition from the recorder to the baroque flute and of the many improvements and alterations made to it until its complete transformation in the mid to late nineteenth century by the flutemaker Theobald Boehm.

  Karen has many different items of equipment and instruments with her for such talks including an alto flute and a piccolo.Short demonstrations of different styles of music written for the flute are included and  Karen also explains many of the techniques used on the instrument, such as double, triple and flutter tongueing, vibrato and diaphragm breathing.

  Audience participation is an integral and fun part of these talks with members being encouraged to have a go at the blowing, breathing and articulation techniques often resulting in much hilarity but with occasional success too!

The flute’s place in the modern day orchestra is also included with a mention given to the other members of the woodwind family and how they compare and with a brief description of the other sections which make up a standard symphony orchestra.

  The talk usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour with a few minutes at the end for any questions on the flute, flute playing or its place in the orchestra.

If you would like Karen to come and give a talk on the flute to your society or club

please feel free to contact her through the contact us link on this site.













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Karen’s husband Colin also gives a  talk on Ordnance Survey maps entitled “Ordnance Survey Ancient and Modern” which includes a brief history of Ordnance Survey and information on historic maps and modern day large scale mapping.


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