Eden House Music



Quality live music for your event.


Are you looking for live music at your wedding, family celebration, village, school or church fete, or even a barn dance?  We have access to musicians of all types for you, all of a high standard and experienced in knowing what will make your event musically special.


You may like something traditional, such as a string quartet at a wedding reception - we can supply the best one for the occasion. We may also have ideas that have not occurred to you, such as a flute and harp or a solo instrumentalist or singer, to perform during the signing of the register. Or how about a piper if your wedding has a Scottish flavour?


For gatherings – from family celebrations to company events - there are types of music and combinations of instruments you may never have considered. We have a clarinet quartet, brass groups from quintets to a full brass band, jazz and folk groups and soloists, organists and singers. If you would prefer a pianist providing some background music, that’s just fine.


Whatever the event and whatever type of music you would like, just contact us.





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